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Your Weekly Overview:

Higher altitudes are calling this week! Buckle into your climbing gear and take the first few steps up that trail. From Thursday, December 21 to January 19, the sun will blaze in through Capricorn, giving us a jump start on our New Year's resolutions. But 2018's #goals will require FAR more than lip service or short-but-sputtering bursts. On Tuesday, December 19 Saturn will also park in Capricorn until December 17, 2020. Simultaneously, this marks the end of a fiery, three-year journey through Sagittarius, the zodiac's global nomad. With Saturn moving on, the international clashes and the xenophobic nationalism that we've seen since December 23, 2014 may start to fade as humans realize how imperative it is for us to work together—for the survival of our species, even! Karmic Saturn in earthy Capricorn calls for the conservation of natural resources. 2017's fierce storms and extreme weather (which also produced a rash of wildfires) have been like a pre-Saturn-in-Capricorn warning shot. To preserve the integrity of the planet and our delicate eco-systems, Saturn in Capricorn may force us to comply with MUCH greener standards. By 2020, investing in renewable energies may be the new Bitcoin—or at least a smart place to tuck your hard-earned cash. How low can YOUR carbon footprint go?
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Saturn’s last visit to native soil was from 1988 to 1991—nearly three decades ago. Now, as the ringed-taskmaster Saturn returns home to Capricorn—the sign it rules—it provides a double dose of ambitious energy. But no need to go full throttle with that race to the top. Cautious Saturn accomplishes its slow and steady ascent through the Goat's terrain over the next three years. As we level up, we also need to pause and acclimate between elevations to ensure that what we're building has a firm foundation and structural integrity. Don't just aim to move mountains. Saturn in Capricorn wants us to build legacies that provide for generations to come.

Since both Saturn and Capricorn rule the patriarchy, we’ve been getting a sneak preview with the shocking wave of prominent men being fired for sexual assault and harassment. (We attribute this to a combo of Saturn’s impending shift and Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio on October 10, 2017.) Media fixtures Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer, both Capricorns, have been fired from prestigious posts—and we sense that this is just a warning shot. Here’s hoping that Saturn, the cosmic builder, will also help us create NEW structures, laws and workable systems to help prevent this—perhaps even paving the way for the rise of a whole new type of "media role models"—so that the victims of these power abuses no longer have to suffer in silence. Saturn will join powermonger Pluto, the ruler of deep transformation and the “shadow” side of humanity, in Capricorn—pushing us to go beyond a mere slap on the wrist for misconduct.

Speaking "renewable energies," as Sagittarius eases OUT from Saturn's crushing grips this week, there will also be a fresh infusion of this fire sign's positive traits: optimism, broad-mindedness and high-vibing wisdom. It starts Monday with the year's only new moon in Sagittarius. Then, on Friday, Mercury resumes direct motion after a tongue-tying retrograde in Sagittarius that began on December 3. By the end of this week, we can all reconnect to the spirit of togetherness and the lighthearted joie de vivre that these fresh cosmic waves bring in. Reach across the table to someone "different" than you. Signal boost a thought leader who is calling for kind-hearted inclusivity. And by all means, get those travel plans underway. The world might not look like an oyster right now, but there are plenty of fresh pearls to be found.

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